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The DDC building got my attention, but I soon found that it’s not the only well-designed, well-thought-out, and well-executed aspect of the practice. Those words describe everything about DDC. I used to fear dental visits, but not any more. Here’s why: They gave me a tour of their state-of-the-art facility and I was impressed by how friendly everyone there was. After more visits I’m even more impressed. The atmosphere is very different from any dental office I’ve ever seen: the window views from every room, the music and art, and the consistently helpful and considerate people, all contribute to a comfortable and relaxing experience. I told my dentist I was worried about a treatment, and he suggested a simple technique I could use to help me stay calm. He and the assistant took the time to explain it, and reminded me to practice it throughout the procedure. I couldn’t believe the difference it made, and I wondered why no dentist had ever suggested anything like it to me in the past. And as if that weren’t enough, the dentist called later in the day to make sure I was alright, and to answer any questions I might have. I have never, ever before heard of a dentist who does that. I highly recommend DDC.

Chuck H.

Impressive facility and caring staff. They always explained what they were doing and how it would feel. I felt they were constantly trying to make me as comfortable as possible while getting the job done. Highly recommended and will definitely visit again!

Matt S,

The building itself is beautiful with modern upgrades and tasteful art. The entire staff was friendly and treated me with great kindness. They walked me through everything that was going on with my teeth and future care. It was everything and more that you would expect from your dentist. A special shout out to Molly, she made my teeth shine!

Amanda G.

I have been so impressed with the people of Dayton Dental Collaborative. From the ladies at the desk all the way to the doctors, everyone is first class in how they handle themselves and their business. I tell everyone who asks me for a dentist recommendation to go see the wonderful people at Dayton Dental Collaborative!

Ethan B.

I had an appointment this morning. From the time I walked in to the time I walked out the service is impeccable. Unlike other health care facilities, not for a moment did I feel as if I was just another customer. They go out of their way to make sure you have an excellent experience. What competition?? These guys are in a league of their own. It was a remarkable experience and I soon will have more dental work done in their office. Thank you Dayton Dental Collaborative.

Rick B.

All I can say is that This Place Rocks! And I have now found a new Dentistry home.

Eddie W.

My experience yesterday with Dr. Shelhouse and staff was fantastic! Despite having some serious dental problems, I was treated so kindly and gently throughout the process that I can honestly say it was the best dental experience ever! I will return on Monday to continue needed dental work and am actually looking forward to it. The setting is beautiful, the staff friendly, kind and thoughtful, and the treatment top-notch. Thank you!

Belinda K.

By far the best dental office I've ever been to. They give you a tour around the beautiful facility, show you all of the equipment and then settle you into your own room. All X-rays and pictures are done right there in your chair and they even take before and after pictures. Have you ever been to a dentist that shows you pictures of all of your teeth from every angle??? The staff was so friendly, from my first call through my visit, to right when I walked out the door. Don't go anywhere else, you'll regret you missed this opportunity!

Sarah M.

I think this is the best place for anyone to have dental work done. The space has a great and comfortable atmosphere. The staff including the receptionists, hygienists and doctors are always friendly and extremely caring. Never once have I felt uncomfortable during a visit. The vibe here is always great. One of the things I really appreciate about DDC , are the allowance of natural light and the view from the windows. I believe this creates a balance between high-tech dental equipment that might be intimidating and nature that is just right outside the window. Overall DDC is a rad place.

Tony V.

DDC and its wonderful staff go above and beyond to help people who are fearful of dentistry feel comfortable, and offer a beautiful spa-like experience. I have recommended them many times to my co-workers and friends over the years that I have been a client. I've had a lot of catch-up treatment, and they have always been able to tell me up-front how much insurance will cover and what I will be responsible for personally. The doctors even worked around my annual insurance cap to make sure I was able to get the most critical work done first and finish up over a few years without paying any overages out-of-pocket.

Nick A.

Great place! All the employees are friendly and they do a great job of making you feel welcome and comfortable. They have gone out of their way to take care of me and my family. I highly recommend them.

K. W.

After coming down for college in Ohio from Michigan, I was looking for a new dentist. I found this place because it was really close and looked great. I absolutely LOVE the people and my dentist had me cracking up. My hygienist was incredible and really made me feel involved. Very personable. Love it.

Rachel S.

I completed my first of many visits today. I can't begin to tell you how I am impressed with the service I was given today. I want to thank everyone at Dayton Dental Collaborative for taking by the fear and anxiety away while helping me on my way to a bright new smile!

B. D.

I have a fear of dental work and they help me stay comfortable and relaxed. The staff and doctors are non judgmental and extremely professional.

Stephanie A.

I would love to say this place is one of a kind.the last 2 years they have done a free dental day for veterans.i have been both times .they clean your teeth and if there is any work that needs done they do it right there no questions asked.the thing that stands out to me is the way the treat every vet that walks in even though we are not paying for it they treat you like you have a million bucks in your pocket and make sure you walk out with a smile.

James S.

Very friendly, non judgmental staff. Super clean office. Excellent finished work. Best in Dayton.

Steven H.

Absolutely the most amazing dental practice I've ever been to. It feels like going to the spa with the relaxing music, calm atmosphere and amazing staff. I always feel so well treated and taken care of. Such professional staff and best service! Everyone should come here.

Ashley G.

The staff provide great dental care and offer flexible scheduling in a beautiful facility. What more could you want as a patient? If you are new to the area and don't know where to turn for dental work, look no further than the DDC...

Trevor M.

I just wanted to share what a great experience I had at Dayton Dental Collaborative. I recently went in to have an implant completed and was very apprehensive. The staff was so wonderful. They calmed my fears and shared with me the details of the procedure. Through the entire procedure they were kind and compassionate- checking in with me to make sure I was doing well throughout the appointment. The doctor even called me later that evening just to make sure I was doing well and answer any questions I might have. I would highly recommend Dayton Dental Collaborative. They not only care about my dental health but they care about me as a person.

Ann D.

By far the most noteworthy place. Their hygienist and staff are wonderful people. They run the most streamline, efficient, and technology equipped facility I know. Big thank you to Ms Lyric and Katie.

John M.

NICEST DENTAL EXPERIENCE I'VE EVER HAD! I feel like I'm going to the spa. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. I used to hate going to the dentist, now I look forward to my 6 month appointment!

Kenzie F.

We have been coming here for almost 10 years now! My wife and I love it. They go all out to ensure our comfort and to get to know us. Our teeth are in the best shape they've ever been and they are not judgmental about our brushing habits :) We even began taking our son from the age of 3 and they are excellent with him. He enjoys going! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a dentist.

Greg S.

My wife and I began going to the Dayton Dental Collaborative almost three years ago. Two of our three children are now patients. We love the atmosphere and the modern approach to dentistry. When first joining the practice, they lay out a plan of action to improve the health of your teeth which was quite impressive.

Brian A.


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