LUMINEERS are an excellent option for people who are unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of their teeth.

An off-white or crooked smile can cause serious confidence problems. LUMINEERS are a fantastic alternative for patients wanting a beautiful smile without surgery, harsh chemicals or painful treatments. These ultra-thin porcelain slips fit perfectly over the teeth making them look cosmetically perfect, white and completely beautiful.

For LUMINEERS to be applied, the underlying teeth, bone and gums must be healthy.  Patients with gum disease or tooth decay must be treated prior to placement.  Unlike dental veneers, LUMINEERS can be left in place for over 20 years or removed upon request to expose the intact original teeth.

Here are some of the problems that LUMINEERS can solve:

  • Large gaps between the teeth.
  • Misaligned teeth.
  • Misshapen teeth.
  • Stained teeth.
  • Uneven gums and teeth.
  • Unnatural looking bridges and crowns.

Advantages of LUMINEERS?

  • Last over 20 years.
  • No harsh drilling of inner tooth mechanisms.
  • No injections.
  • No pain or discomfort.
  • Only two dental visits required.
  • Option to place multiple LUMINEERS at one time.
  • Perfect, pearly-white teeth.
  • Thickness of a contact lens.
  • Totally reversible treatment.

Are LUMINEERS strong enough?

LUMINEERS are constructed from Cerinate porcelain, which is known for its exceptional strength.  Even though they are thinner than dental veneers, they are less likely to break or chip.  Additionally, Cerinate porcelain can be color-modified and balanced.  This means that different levels of opaqueness and translucency can be utilized.

How are LUMINEERS applied?

One of the main reasons LUMINEERS are so easy to fit is that little etching has to be done beforehand.  With veneers, many teeth might have to be permanently altered or drilled to ensure the best fit.  However, LUMINEERS offer a beautiful end product without any drilling, anesthesia or extensive etching.  This factor alone can reduce the time in the dental chair by almost half, when compared to traditional veneers.

During the initial visit, bite impressions and X-rays are taken to determine the exact way the teeth fit together.  Your dentist also thoroughly examines the teeth to ensure that no tooth decay and no signs of gum disease are present.  Together, you'll choose the color of the LUMINEERS and the desired level of transparency.  The bite impressions are sent to the laboratory to be custom-crafted.

The LUMINEERS are bonded to the teeth at the second appointment.  Once they are in place, your dentist will polish them until they are completely smooth.  The advantage of this smoothness is that bacteria and staining agents cannot easily adhere to the surface.

Finally, the LUMINEERS are separated.  Up until this point, they are still attached where the bite impressions suggest teeth would naturally join.  The treatment is finished, leaving a beautiful white smile and perfect, healthy teeth.