7 Tips to Help Children Love to Brush

7 Tips to Help Children Love to Brush

At DDC, we serve the youngest to the oldest, so we know that daily oral care is an essential life habit to pass on to our children. Here are some tips to help your children learn to love brushing their teeth:

1. Start Early

While infant oral care rests fully with the parent, as they grow it's important to begin involving them in the process. While you shouldn't use toothpaste until your child is able to rinse and spit, they can still play a role in the brushing. One simple step is to have your child hold your hand while you brush their little teeth.

2. Make It Fun

While many adults endure oral hygiene and trips to the dentist, it doesn't have to be that way for your child. We encourage you to make it a fun experience. Special music, a fun game, or silly behavior can make it a memorable and relaxing time they look forward to every day.

3. Let Them Choose

With a wide array of superhero and princess themed toothbrushes, musical toothbrushes, and flavored toothpastes, you might want to invite your child to help with the shopping. When they have an opportunity to choose their own brush and their own toothpaste, they begin to take ownership of their dental hygiene.

4. Take Turns

As your child is able to hold the toothbrush unaided, you may want to take turns doing the brushing. Let them brush for a little bit and then you can finish it up. As they progress, you might have them brush in the morning and you brush for them before bed. Eventually you will just need to supervise and double-check their work.

5. Brush With Them

If you've made the brushing experience a fun time for you and your child, they may not want you to leave while they brush. So join them by brushing your own teeth alongside them. You may even improve your own oral hygiene practices.

6. Offer Rewards

Reward good brushing – maybe it's a penny every time they brush, or allowing them to stay up five minutes later, or hear their favorite story.

7. Set a Good Example

The best way to keep children on track is set a good example with your own dental hygiene. Brush and floss twice daily and make your family dental visits a calendar priority.

At DDC, we will always encourage your child to be consistent with their daily oral hygiene and help them learn better techniques if we notice recurring issues. Our goal is to help you as a partner in your child's oral health, so please contact us with any concerns you may have.